Advertising, so that you can easily reach your customers. Our website is about cryptocurrencies, stock markets, mutual funds and other finance related topics. Our website is visited by customers who show interest in the cryptocurrency and stock market. If you would like to advertise your service on our website, you may send a business query by visiting our Forms section. Or you can also contact on our business email id We will contact you soon.

As far as the fee of the advertisement is concerned, you will be told the accordion of the section of the website. So if you want to promote your services on our website then contact us.

Some of the rules and regulations for advertisers are as follows:

  • Your product or service must be related to finance.
  • Do not promote any kind of wrong services.
  • If a customer takes or buys your service, you should always be in touch with them.
  • The time specified for the advertisement your advertisement will remain on the website. After that it will be removed.
  • Whatever size banner or video you will be told, send us in that size. You will send own designed banners or video aids. We will not designed any banner or video of any kind.
  • Do not spam of any kind.
  • If someone doesn’t take your service or product, you can’t blame us. Our website is visited by a good number of real users from all over the world. If your product is good then you should expect that you will get good result of promotion. But we do not give any guarantee that you will get good results. Our job is to place the ad on the placement you set on the website.

Thank you for your interest

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Pragti Sinha
Marketing Manager