Shawlman comes from Sjaalman, one of the characters in Multatuli's Max Havelaar.

Aleksandr Magazine

In late 2008, the Aleksandr Magazine Project was founded. The main aim for the project: to conceptualise and design an online literary magazine where the focus is put solely on the text.

Four different designs and many sketches later, Aleksandr Magazine as concept was finally abandoned in January 2010, and immediately work started on what would eventually become Shawlman. A new online project that aims to promote and critique literature that wants to comment on the world and beyond.


Shawlman is currently running in alpha testing mode. The overall design has been finalised, and at the moment we're working on optimising said design and finding a good balance between text and design.

If you want to help us, for testing purposes for example, don't hesitate to contact the project group.

To view the current edition of Shawlman, go to Google Play Newsstand and subscribe.